Spring Wedding at Fendley Farmstead in Canton Georgia. Come check out all the good times between this amazing couple and their family!

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August 13, 2021

Fendley Farmstead | Mr. + Mrs. Nesler


A rainy morning before a wedding at Fendley Farmstead did not stop this Spring Wedding from happening! Plus, a little surprise during reception is always a fun bonus! Nick and Ciera’s Spring wedding day at Fendley Farmstead started off with some rain and light mist while we were taking pictures, but that didn’t stop these […]


July 31, 2021

Fendley Farmstead Spring Wedding| Mr. + Mrs. Spain


More Winter Weddings! Especially like this wedding at the Barn at the Big Oak! Drew and Joanna’s Winter Wedding at the Barn at the Big Oak was one I’ve been waiting for since I took their engagement pictures. We had such a genuine connection and a wonderful time taking pictures, so I knew their wedding […]

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April 28, 2021

Winter Wedding at the Big Oak

Winter Wedding Barn at the Big Oak
Fall Wedding at Moonlight Stables


I couldn’t ask for a better way to end 2020 than with a hell of party and a fall wedding at Moonlight Stables. Josh and Ansley were the last wedding of 2020, and what a way to go out. Truly, the best way to go out of this year was to have a fall wedding […]


January 21, 2021

Fall Wedding Moonlight Stables


2020, the end is here and for most of us we’re pretty happy about that.  I’ll be honest, 2020 was not the worst year of my life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been not a great year, but again, I’ve had worse.  2020 for me, was a year of growth and learning and achieving goals […]

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December 31, 2020

2020 Round Up

Fall Wedding at the Cotton Gin


What’s better than a fall wedding at The Cotton Gin at Mill Creek? The answer is nothing, honestly. A fall wedding at The Cotton Gin at Mill Creek is always stunning and so versatile. When Cortney told me her venue was at The Cotton Gin, I knew we’d have a gorgeous wedding. Did I mention […]

Fall, Wedding

December 28, 2020

Fall Wedding at The Cotton Gin | Mr. + Mrs. Loos


Intimate Roswell Wedding, let’s go. I’ll be the first to say, this was not the plan for Jonny and Hailey’s wedding day. Jonny and Hailey were suppose to get married on September 13th. Yet, on September 12th, Jonny and Hailey ended up having an intimate Roswell wedding. If you don’t already know, Jonny and Hailey […]

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December 3, 2020

Intimate Roswell Wedding | Mr. + Mrs. Golden

Intimate Roswell Wedding
Max Patch Elopement


Max Patch elopement, oh my, I might be in literal heaven. I’ll be honest, I lucked out with this Max Patch elopement. Aleisha and Trevor were looking for a last minute elopement photographer and my name got passed along to them. I think it was destiny stepping in. Aleisha and Trevor have been together for […]

Elopement, Wedding

October 22, 2020

Max Patch Elopement | Mr. + Mrs. Gwin


Hightower Falls might be one of my favorite places to get married. Devon and Addie decided to have a Hightower Falls wedding, which was a wonderful and beautiful decision. Originally, Devon and Addie were suppose to get married back in May. Unfortunately, they were one of the couples that had to move their wedding further […]

Summer, Wedding

October 8, 2020

Hightower Falls | Mr. + Mrs. Womack


Intimate weddings up in North Georgia at Juliette Chapel? I’m there! There’s just something special about a wedding at Juliette Chapel. It’s an intimate wedding venue up in North Georgia. It’s modern and beautiful. And guess what, it was completely perfect with David and Mary Jo’s summer wedding day! I walked in to David and […]

Dahlonega, Summer, Wedding

September 11, 2020

David + Mary Jo | Juliette Chapel